Arsalan Shakil

[Errors Troubleshooting Expert] Arsalan Shakil (aka GuyThatDoesEverything on YouTube) is a PC Tech Enthusiast and Electronic Geek. With over 10+ years of experience in Electronics, he then decided to explore Software Engineering to design embedded products and automate existing hardware solutions.  When he started tearing down old cameras to understand how they worked, he was shocked (literally, when he got zapped by a flash discharge capacitor), giving him the power (debatable) to fall in love with videography/photography. He also started making some fun videos that later became YouTube tech reviews. Skills:
  • 10+ years of experience in Electronics design, embedded solutions, and prototyping
  • Majored in Software Engineering
  • Research paper publication in IEEE for Embedded Military Uniform & LoRa WAN wireless technology
  • Specialized in IoT Solutions
  • PC Enthusiast & PC Modder
In his local region, he's known to expose cheap PSU brands, often claiming fake certification or false claims on the box. He's a true nerd and needed some friends in his life. Then he met some guys who work at Tech4Gamers, and they also came out to be equal nerds who suggested he join Tech4Gamers as a Hardware Expert.

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