Starfield: Bethesda Confirms New Ways To Travel For Future Update

Possibly Adding Seamless Space Traversal!

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  • Starfield will continue to receive major updates.
  • Bethesda has promised new ways of traveling for the game.
  • This could refer to seamless space exploration or vehicles for planetary exploration.

Starfield has been called outdated by many. The combination of janky mechanics, an open-world experience segmented by loading screens, and the usual clunkiness of the studio’s games has led to mixed reactions.

While 12 million players have set foot into this game so far, Xbox and Bethesda hope to go even further. To achieve such results, core changes are needed, and Bethesda is doing just that.

The studio has announced new ways to travel for a future patch.

Why it matters: One major goal for Bethesda is to rival the longevity of games like Skyrim through its latest release. However, this will not be possible without major updates that practically reinvent the game.

Source: Reddit

Following the game’s latest update, Bethesda took to Reddit and responded to the recent feedback.

The studio was quick to promise more fixes and features for the RPG, highlighting one major criticism. Starfield currently lacks seamless space traversal, leading to a disappointing experience for those seeking to move from planet to planet.

This may change soon since the studio confirmed new updates would include changes like:

“All new ways of traveling.”

The demand for this feature, in particular, has been high since the title’s release, with modders trying their hand at an implementation in September.

Bethesda could also be referring to the addition of vehicles for movement on planets. Since a large number of Starfield’s planets require a lot of walking and running, players have complained about the monotony of exploration.

Adding vehicles that enable quick movement from point to point would, therefore, be a major improvement.


Highly requested additions like city maps are also in the works.

Last month, Todd Howard revealed that 250 developers were engaged in updates and support for the RPG. This team is working hard, and the studio’s latest promises highlight that more improvements are on the way.

Starfield may not have been the glorious release to revolutionize open-world RPGs, but it will only get better from here. Bethesda is focused on using community feedback to improve the game, slowly bringing it up to par with modern expectations.

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