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Alan Wake 2: Lack Of Sales Update Suggests It Didn’t Sell Too Well

Remedy or Epic Games haven't revealed any sales numbers for Alan Wake 2, which could mean that the game sold below expectations.

Japanese Market Needs Xbox To Expand Further, Claims Former PlayStation Exec

Amid Microsoft's efforts to grow in the Japanese market, an executive believes Xbox is needed for the growth of Japanese gaming.

Corsair iCUE Link Selected As Innovation Awards Honoree At CES 2024

Corsair's efforts to push the iCUE Link ecosystem have been recognized after they impressed judges from the Consumer Technology Association.

Starfield: Bethesda Confirms New Ways To Travel For Future Update

Bethesda has acknowledged a number of Starfield's criticisms, confirming that updates to add new traversal methods are coming soon.

Epic Games Shifts Focus To Apple After Beating Google In Court

Epic Games is not done after its recent victory over Google. It hopes to bring Fortnite everywhere and speak out against platform fees.

E3 Confirmed Dead For Good After Being Canceled In 2023

E3 is a remnant of the industry. Following multiple cancelations in a row, this event is going away for good.

The Day Before Sold Over 100K Copies Before Studio Closure

The CEO of Fntastic revealed that The Day Before sold over 200K copies, but half of the purchases have already been refunded.

PCSX2 Emulator Now Capable of Running 99% of PS2 Titles

PCSX2 has come a long way, with nearly every single game in the PS2 library now playable on this incredible emulator.

Noctua Unveils NF-A4x10 24V Fan After Popular Demand

Noctua is introducing its NF-A4x10 24V fan in a new variant, allowing it to work with 3D printers and other applications.

Dev Claims Studios Prioritize PlayStation As Lead Platform Since It Sells Most

A former Rockstar animator claims PlayStation is the biggest focus for development as it has been the big seller in the past.

Wolverine Screenshots Leaked After Insomniac Hit With Ransomware Attack

Insomniac appears to have been the subject of a cyber attack, leading to new screenshots of Marvel's Wolverine appearing online.

The Day Before No Longer Being Sold on Steam After Devs Shut Down

The Day Before has been a colossal failure. Following a recent announcement from Fntastic, the game can no longer be purchased on Steam.

The Day Before Dev Confirms Closure 4 Days After Failed Release

The Day Before has bombed by all metrics, leading to developer Fntastic announcing its closure on Twitter four days after the game launched.